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     It was "supposed" to be dreary, on Mike and Nikki's wedding day. Alas, the Fates had other plans. It was gorgeous and sunny! It was an unexpected treat and a perfect way to kick off the day. :) The Evergreens at The Antrim 1844 were lush, and the venue was stunningly gorgeous. Keep Reading...

Nikki and Mike were a constant source of support and encouragement as they prepared for the ceremony. Even the most carefully crafted schedules can go awry at a wedding. I loved the sense of calm that befell my bride and my groom, when they came together! I just kept thinking that they were an amazing team. Although the day was filled with highlights, my favorite part of the day was stealing them away from the hustle and bustle. It was during that time that they got to connect, uninterrupted by the pace of the day. They positively gushed love bubbles. :)

     I loved seeing them in their element and interacting within the their web of family and friends. I am convinced that Nikki and Mike had the craziest silliest best bridal party ever! It was my distinct honor and privilege to capture the inside jokes, easy smiles, warm embraces, and a million other priceless moments of the day. It was really an instance of everyone doing what they could to make sure the day was magical and perfect (and it was). How awesome is it that I get to share in one of the most important days of a couple's life?


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