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Sonya and Rashard met in college while she was working. She was admittedly too shy to talk to him, so she did a bit of thinking about how to make contact. She decided to use the tools at her disposal to get the skinny on Rashard. Unfortunately, their stars were not yet fated to cross. He was involved, at the time. Because true love always finds a way, the pair was able to come together a full four years later. The rest is history. Keep Reading...

Everyday life is full and beautiful. Rashard's proposal was the perfect example of creating excitement and opportunity, where one may not expect. Sonya was getting ready for a night out with her friends. Rashard could not wait a single moment longer and declared, "anything good that has happened to me in my life has, in some way, included you." With that, he asked for her hand in love, friendship, and marriage.


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