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The weather led me to believe that Renee and James would reschedule their Engagement Session at Federal Hill. As luck would have it, not rain, nor cold, nor blustery wind would keep them from having a beautiful session. Long before their session, I asked what they liked to do together. They said that they really didn't have to do anything and that being together was more than enough. Even in an untimely storm, their words held true. Keep Reading...

The pair met while they were in law school. They were hanging out with their respective groups of friends when Fate intervened. They piqued each other's interest, right away. Their connection blossomed over a shared love of working dogs!

James planned a grand and decidedly romantic proposal for Renee. It was his plan to take her on a romantic walk with his parent's dog (Brodie). Their walk would take them to a point where the Adirondack mountains would serve as a gorgeous backdrop for their moment. He would ask her to hold Brodie and then bend down to retrieve something. Finally, he would turn to Renee and ask for her hand in marriage. Oh my goodness! Doesn't that sound absolutely adorable?

As picturesque as James' proposal plays out in the mind, he realized one problem. It probably wouldn't be a very romantic walk in -15 degrees weather. With that plan out of the window and the ring burning a hole in his sock draw, James decided to propose right away. There were tears, embracing, a yes, and so much love. In short, the proposal was perfect.


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