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Sophie and Kevin met at a wedding! Isn't that the best way to begin a love story? Sophie was good friends with Kevin's sister and was serving as a Bridesmaid. Although there was an instant spark, they did not decide to romantically connect. They took their time and got to know each other. Kevin was a beacon of love and friendship, when Sophie was having a difficult time. Their love grew steadily and with a strength born from mutual understanding. Keep Reading...

Kevin's proposal was genuinely unexpected. They planned a three-week trip. They traveled, together and free, from Georgia to Florida. From Florida, they boarded a cruise to the Bahamas! Sophie had no idea that Kevin purchased a gorgeous ring right before their adventure. Their last night the trip of a lifetime, they were alone on the ship's deck. It was getting late, and Sophie wanted nothing more than to sleep. Kevin gave in and they made their way, hand in hand, back to their cabin. On the way, Kevin pretended to find someone's "lost" ring. With a sly smile, Kevin took a knee and proposed to Sophie. Of course, she said "yes!"


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